This app makes it easy to take seriously good Fourth of July firework photos on your iPhone

If you have ever tried to capture the magic of a Fourth of July fireworks display, you will know this to be true: iPhones are great for a lot of things, but taking good photos of fireworks is not one of them.

This year, there may be a solution for any iPhone photographers eager to document the pretty ‘splosions in the sky. According to Cult of Mac, phone photography brand Moment’s Pro Camera app update has a new Slow Shutter mode that could make all the difference in your Fourth of July Instagrams.

The app’s Slow Shutter mode lets the camera’s shutter stay open as long as the photographer’s finger is on the button to truly capture the patriotic display. The app also has a Light Trails mode, which is designed to capture the light trails left by fireworks. The app creators suggest leaving the app on “the 4-second mode” for a stunning image of one or two fireworks, while the 15- and 30-second options are good for bigger displays. And, according to Cult of Mac, who snagged the only good description of the fireworks-catching app, using the app to capture fireworks pics is “a blast” to use. (Jeeze, guys, leave something for the rest of us. )

The site also recommends that if you want good fireworks pics, but don’t feel like downloading an app to invest in a good tripod, turn off your iPhone’s flash and HDR modes, and tinker around with the time-lapse settings and Live Photo to really give fireworks FOMO to your friends (and enemies). Check out some other tips in the video below:

Source: FastCompany

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