For some reason, Ed Sheeran is all over Amazon’s list of most-requested Alexa albums

Amazon has released a list of the most-requested albums that people ask Alexa to play, and for some reason a whole bunch of people want to listen to Ed Sheeran. Like, a lot. In fact, Ed Sheeran accounts for three of the top 5 most requested records, the BBC reports.

The only potential redemption is that the list the BBC is reporting is from U.K. residents, who undoubtedly feel guilty for never putting a pound in Sheeran’s guitar case back when he was busking on street corners before he was famous. Surely, U.S. listeners have much better taste in—[furiously Googles]. Oh, never mind. According to this August article from Amazon, the most requested artist on Alexa is Taylor Swift, followed by Imagine Dragons, Kidz Bop Kidz, and, of course, Ed Sheeran. In the words of Charlie Brown: Good grief.

Is this because you listen to Alexa in the privacy of your own home and there’s no point in even trying to look cool in front of your dog and/or children? Either way, Spotify’s curated playlists sure are looking like a great alternative to Alexa right now.

Source: FastCompany

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