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Facebook Had a Busy Weekend, From News Feed to Livestream Changes

Here’s all the news you may have missed, including a major News Feed change and Mark Zuckerberg calling for government

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Apple’s Eddy Cue put the hard sell on NYT, WaPo to join News+

Apple’s Eddy Cue wanted badly for The New York Times and the Washington Post to participate in its new News+

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Google employees demand removal of ethics council member over comments on trans people

A growing percentage of Google employees aren’t too pleased with a new member of the company’s Advanced Technology Ethics Advisory

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Some victims of cyber crimes weren’t notified by the FBI for months, says DOJ watchdog

The FBI is sometimes delayed—by up to nine months—in notifying victims of cyber crimes, according to a new report from

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Report: Alphabet-backed has erased a whopping 46,594 daycare listings

On the eve of a damaging Wall Street Journal investigation of its safety practices, childcare platform scrubbed 72% of the

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Cloudflare Says Its New VPN Service Won’t Slow You Down

Virtual private networks are useful for shielding or masking internet activity, but they typically slow traffic. Cloudflare says its new

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Facial recognition is coming to hotels to make check-in easier—and much creepier

Alibaba has created the hotel of the future and it’s wild, wonderful, and just a little creepy. FlyZoo, which is

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Tracking Readers’ Eye Movements Can Help Computers Learn

As we read, our eyes reveal what words go together, and which are the most important. Researchers are applying that

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Facebook Takes On White Nationalism, Plus More in Tech News

Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less. Source: Wired